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About Sardine Circus

Hi, my name is John Mead - welcome to my website which is sort of a list of the things I do. My company, Sardine Circus, has been going since about 1995 so I've tried quite a few things.  If any of this stuff interests you, please get in touch.



Currently I teach Mask, Variety Performance and Equilibristics on the BTEC National Diploma Performance course at Circomedia in Bristol and I run my own workshops in Trestle mask and Commedia dell'Arte - see the Workshops page for details of my commedia workshop on 29th March 2014.


I play quite a few traditional instruments - pipe and tabor, English bagpipes, whistle, renaissance shawm and recorder. I particularly like loud instruments. I've played for actors and dancers and would really like to use music and character dance in some street performance.

John as dancing policeman


I am interested in styles of dance for performance and have trained in eccentric dance and traditional English clog, both styles used by music hall and variety performers. Currently I practice clog and jazz tap every day and I'm developing some cabaret song and dance numbers. I know a bit of ballroom and Latin American as well.

John Mead
John on the tightwire


About the only circus skill I can still do is tightwire. I don't plan to perform this but I still practice fairly regularly and I'm going to learn to make proper tightwire shoes because they are very hard to find.  As soon as I manage to make some I'll put up a picture.